In October 2008, Pastor Harrison (Later President Harrison) laid out a vision of life in the LCMS. Instead of bylaws, procedures, and worldly ideas of corporate governance, he argued for a churchly approach. He painted with a broad brush; it was not a policy document, it was a vision of what the church could be…

At the 2010 convention, the synod made two choices:

One was to elect Matthew Harrison as president to implement a new structure. The second was a new more corporate structure, instead of President Harrison’s churchly model….

Bylaws, policies and procedures are the go-to documents, not the Word of God in Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions. The way we think about the work of the church must change – and it now appears that it must change quickly.

The COVID crisis and sudden drop in funding at the synod level is only an acceleration of a long-standing trend. Cutting positions at the International Center buys us time. It will not save us. We need to change how synod functions. Rather than a hierarchical and worldly business model we need a scriptural, service model.

How do we return to faithfulness, and what would that look like?


Return pastors to Congregations.

Living by the Word of God, not bylaws and procedures.

Provide the Best Training while Preparing Pastors for the Future.

Distinctively Lutheran Education that Prepares Workers for the Church & Prepares Lutherans for Other Careers. In all cases. make sure we Clearly Confess Christ to the World.


Confessing Christ in All We Do and Looking to Scripture Alone to Settle Disputes.

A Synod that Serves and Supports Congregations and Offers Practical Help for the Work of the Church.

Restructuring While Clearly Confessing Christ to the World, Show Compassion & Caring for All Workers.

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